The National Post On The NAFTA Superhighway

In the wake of Ron Paul’s comments at the YouTube/CNN Debate, and repeated denials from Harper, Bush, and a gaggle of neo-fascist pundits and foundation-funded leftgatekeepers, The National Post has run a story called “Ron Paul’s worst nightmare comes true? NAFTA Superhighway a reality“.

Number two on the popular US web site Digg — right below 12 clips of topless greased up women playing Wii — is a map of the NAFTA Superhighway on an Alberta Government web site. Why in the name of free trade are so many people freaked out about this thoroughfare?
Many believe the transcontinental corridor is a myth, yet there are many Americans, such as Republican darkhorse candidate Ron Paul, who believe this is a road of the devil–a four-football-field-wide path to American self-destruction that will welcome millions of illegal immigrants. Well, now, Mr. Paul, might think he has some real fodder. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation web site uses the exact phrase, showing a thoroughfare that begins in Manitoba and drops all the way down to West Texas.

When initially reached for comment, ministry communications director Jerry Bellikka said, “Where’s the secret agenda if it’s on a government web site? He added that the controversy is a “pretty good example of political rhetoric getting twisted out of shape.”

But instead of doing any real research (a diligent journalist or a five-year-old with Internet access would figure out quickly that plans for a Superhighway are quite real), the CanWest flagship paper posted this update,

After some further investigation, Mr. Bellikka reports that the name in question has been on the site for five years and is used to help inform truckers of certain weight restrictions. “We don’t see any link between trucking weights and conspiracy theories,” he said, adding that the ministry will not be changing the name.

I guess Craig Offman, the author of this garbage, didn’t happen to catch the Nov 20. Manitoba Throne Speech where Lieutenant-Governor John Harvard outlined plans for the highway:

Manitoba is also taking a major role in the development of a Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, connecting our northern Port of Churchill with trade markets throughout the central United States and Mexico. To advance the concept, an alliance has been built with business leaders and state and city governments spanning the entire length of the Corridor. When fully developed, the trade route will incorporate an “in-land port” in Winnipeg with pre-clearance for international shipping.

Sigh. Why do these politicians and press eunuchs continue to lie outright about the NAFTA Superhighway? Because they know the public will not support the construction of a North America Union.

And for those on the Left that are still shrugging off talk of a North American Union as just some Right-wing xenophobic bullshit, just look at the governments own documents, or go talk to Maude Barlow and the Council of Canadians (and others) and ask what they think of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. It’s time for people on both the Left and Right to see through the false paradigm that’s been programmed into our minds and stand up and fight together for what we all really want: freedom.