Perfect Halloween Movie

Wanna have the shit scared right outta ya this Halloween? Put away your old VHS tape of Nightmare On Elm Street, get dressed up in your homemade Henry Kissinger costume, and watch Alex Jones’ chilling new horror film Endgame.

This movie will make you spring out of bed at 3 o’clock in the morning in a cold sweat, clutching Li’l Chomsky the teddy bear in your petrified claws, screaming something about the Bilderberg Group and Royal Incest in the damp halls of Windsor Castle.

The movie is actually a very serious look at the Social Darwinist philosophies of our psychopath government and corporate overlords, and deconstructs their plans for a Brave New World Order. It documents Jones’ trip to Canada to follow the Global Elite Squad known as the Bilderberg Group at one of their secret meetings, and also gives a fascinating history of the Eugenics movement and it’s relevance today.

I don’t always agree with Sir Alex, but Endgame is meticulously researched and cuts the rhetorical bullshit, leaving us with his finest work to date.