Target: Iran

The Neo-Conservative War Addicts are desperate for another fix. Reuters is reporting that BushCo. (a subsidiary of CheneyCo.) has positioned several warships carrying 17,000 troops on Iran’s doorstep: A large flotilla of U.S. ships entered the Gulf on Wednesday in a dramatic show of military muscle, adding to pressure on Iran to abandon its nuclear […]

Mobilization Against War And Occupation In Vancouver

  I took a few pictures at the April 28th protest rally organized by Vancouver’s Mobilization Against War And Occupation (MAWO). A couple hundred people came together to demand an end to Canadian and American wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. The gathering was one of MAWO’s monthly peace rallies, the next scheduled for […]

Clogging Toilets for Liberty

Want to fight tyranny and oppression, but not sure what to do? Here are a few practical hints from a hilarious, fully illustrated CIA Sabotage Manual created in the early 1980s by Reagan’s spooks to overthrow the leftist government of Nicaragua. According to the guide, you don’t need missile launchers or suitcases full of CIA […]